An Innovative New Way For Record Labels To Seize Some Power Back

from the this-sounds-like-a-good-idea dept

A startup called Navio is pitching its approach to selling music to record labels as a way to get around Apple's power in the music-download business. Instead of selling actual downloads, Navio sells consumers "rights" to music. They pitch it with a number of consumer benefits: you could get the song in whatever format you wanted, and could download it again if copy-protection technology changed or you got a new playback device. That sounds great, but the problem is that when a consumer buys these rights, they're buying explicit rights that let the record labels dictate exactly how the music can be played or used. Perhaps different rights for sale might allow users to share or resell songs, but what happens when labels decide they don't want their songs played on computers or another device, or want to change another consumer right into an entitlement? Selling music like this gives them just that opportunity. For all the talk of future-proofing digital music, plenty of fairly future-proof formats already exist, like MP3s or any other format without copy protection, or judging by the amount of vintage vinyl still around, CDs. Well, most CDs, anyway.

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    Susheel, 16 Nov 2005 @ 9:09am

    Selling Rights

    Another huge problem with iTunes, Navio, and other services that sell rights is that there is a legal understanding divide between supplier and consumer. Perhaps if every consumer had a pocket lawyer they could reference when deciding between these services the situation would be more fair, but currently consumers are at a loss. Consumers don't usually understand they aren't really 'buying' iTunes songs, but rather leasing them as long as they are happy with iTunes.

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    Shelby Walker, 3 Dec 2006 @ 3:41pm

    New Artist DVD

    Just want you to check out this artist who should be singed by now: Check out her DVD with daughter Natalie. You wont be sorry.

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