Patent Office Grants Patent On Anti-Gravity Device

from the physics-is-for-pansies dept

It's absolutely true that you can get a patent on a technology or concept that you haven't built yourself. While many of us find this to be extremely problematic, plenty of patent trolls love the concept, because it lets them lock up all sorts of ideas. Then later, when someone else actually builds it, they can trot out the patent and squeeze the real innovator for money. However, should you be allowed to patent ideas that, not only haven't been built, but go against the laws of physics? Apparently you can. The US Patent Office has handed out a patent for an anti-gravity device. While it's true that there are some who believe that anti-gravity devices are possible, it would seem like a working model would be a fairly important part of the process before you hand out a patent like this to someone. What's next, a patent on x-ray vision or faster than light travel?

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  1. identicon
    Michael "TheZorch" Haney, 10 Nov 2005 @ 6:22am

    You all seem to forget...

    All of you seem to forget that what was considered science fiction and fantasy 30 or even 60 years ago is now science fact today.

    Here are some examples:

    The staple of sci-fi for years, its existance is now scientific fact.

    "Faster Than Light Particles"
    Recently particles that travel faster then light were discovered.

    "Black Holes"
    The existance of these were confirmed by the Hubble Space Telescope.

    "Rail Guns"
    Sci-Fi once again meets Science Fact.

    "Ion Propulsion Engines"
    NASA's Deep Space One used an Ion Propulsion system for thrust. Check out the JPL website for info:

    "Trackter Beams"
    No longer sci-fi, there is now a working prototype!

    "Organic Computers"
    They are also becoming reality. This is an older site, there has been significant strides in this technology in recent years.

    Microscopic machines. More sci-fi meets science fact..need I give any more examples people?

    There is a very active antigravity development community. Look at this page...
    and this one...
    and a corporation is getting into the act...

    Don't write off something as fantasy until you've researched it enough. That's what's wrong with the world of science today, eveyone is too shortsighted so see the truth. I mean, nobody predicted that you'd be able to run electrical devices off a machine that synthesises hydrogen into pure water and oxygen 10 years ago (hydrogen fuel cells). Wake up people and smell the coffee!

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