PayPal Helping The IRS Track Down Tax Cheats

from the so,-please-launder-elsewhere dept

A few years ago, in a widely publicized article, eBay's liaison to law enforcement proudly talked about how the company would hand over all sorts of info to law enforcement if asked (even without a subpoena). So, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise eBay-owned PayPal is helping the IRS track down tax cheats by handing over the identity of customers using PayPal from a variety of well known tax havens. Of course, anyone who thought it was a smart idea to launder money through PayPal probably shouldn't be all that surprised when federal investigators show up on their doorstep.

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  1. identicon
    admin, 7 Nov 2005 @ 11:10am

    Re: No Subject Given

    This thread was sent to me so I thought I'd address some of the concerns raised here.

    1. re: "Next-to-nothing about themselves." I had a page detailing my origins with PayPal and eBay, but took it down for reasons you'll read below in just a moment. The origins of the site are well documented in press articles about the site. I was just a regular user of PayPal from it's earliest years (one of the first 10,000 to sign up). When I had a question about PayPal. I called and when the person could not answer the question, they hung up on me. At the time I made the first call, I was 100% Pro-PayPal. I was nice, cordial and pleasant on the phone. When the person I spoke with could not answer the question, I asked to speak to someone who could. I was disconnected. So I called back. I thought I was disconnected because they were transferring me to another person. I called back, got a different person, went through the same questions only to be told "that information is not disclosed." I was confused and asked again and this time I was told "Look, I've told you all that I'm going to tell you!" and then they hung up on me. Have you ever called a company and been hung up on? Ever been spoken to that way? Now I was a little pissed but more shocked. So I waited a day and called back and this time insisted on talking to a supervisor. After some time I talked to a person who would only identify themselves as "John" and after a few minutes with him, he hung up on me. 3 times in 2 days? That is outrageous. So I registered the domain and put up a blank page. A month later I checked and found 90 people had typed in "" in their browser to get to my blank page. So I put up a guest book to see what/why they were coming there. W/in a week the guestbook had 100 posts from people complaining about PayPal. In addition we had at least one post from a PayPal employee (verified by IP) dropping so-not-so-flattering information about PayPal. That information is saved here:

    Very quickly it became obvious the guestbook was not the best way to handle the complaints so the forum was put up. Again, within weeks we had hundreds of posts...

    The rest, as they say, is history.

    I used to have my phone number on the site and whois information. But the threatening and hate filled phone calls (including one death threat.) ended that. We also had very vile and hate filled posts from PayPal employees (verified by IP) and so that's when I decided it's better to keep my personal information personal (and at the time I still had my PayPal account and feared someone at PayPal might do some retribution.)

    2. You can contact me by mail (do a whois lookup) or email. I don't take phone calls because I work for a living and I have no desire to have my personal life disrupted by phone calls all during the night. (Which I did have when I had the phone numbers on the site.) I didn't see your home number in your post Mousky. No, I don't work for a competitor (in case you were wondering.) When I started the site there was no such thing as a competitor to PayPal.

    3. "We..." I almost always answer from the "We" perspective because I have always considered the site more than myself. I have always considered it a community of people trying to affect change.

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