The Real Danger Of Sony's Rootkit: It Lets Others Piggyback

from the uh-oh dept

While everyone's discussing the non-surprising fact that Sony's latest CD copy protection scheme uses "rootkit" style tricks to embed itself deep within your machine, Ed Felten Alex Halderman has picked up on a much more serious problem brought out by the discovery. The particular nasty software from Sony can actually be used by other malware to hide their own actions. In other words, it doesn't just treat you like a criminal and prevent you from making use of the music you legally bought: it makes it easier for real criminals to do bad things on your computer. Thanks, Sony! Update: Ed Felten points out that Alex Halderman wrote the piece on Felten's site.

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  1. identicon
    zcat, 1 Nov 2005 @ 6:45pm

    Re: Sony....Microshaft....DRM...RootKits

    "COPYRIGHT" does not mean that the original creator (or in this case some record company) gets to own every copy of the work for the rest of eternity. "Intellectual property" is a bullshit term that only confuses the issue.

    The original idea of copyright was that the original artist or creator had some (intentionally limited) control over who was allowed to copy and distribute it, and perhaps some control over 'public performance' so that they'd have an incentive to create and contribute more creative works.

    But now it's gone completely insane!

    This is not about fair use. Everything you do that doesn't involve redistribution or public performance has nothing at all to do with copyright and should be an _unregulated_ use.

    Once you've sold it you don't own it anymore. Let it go!!

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