The Real Danger Of Sony's Rootkit: It Lets Others Piggyback

from the uh-oh dept

While everyone's discussing the non-surprising fact that Sony's latest CD copy protection scheme uses "rootkit" style tricks to embed itself deep within your machine, Ed Felten Alex Halderman has picked up on a much more serious problem brought out by the discovery. The particular nasty software from Sony can actually be used by other malware to hide their own actions. In other words, it doesn't just treat you like a criminal and prevent you from making use of the music you legally bought: it makes it easier for real criminals to do bad things on your computer. Thanks, Sony! Update: Ed Felten points out that Alex Halderman wrote the piece on Felten's site.

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  1. identicon
    Mr_Inc, 1 Nov 2005 @ 6:06pm


    Ya know. I might be foolish for thinking this, but last time I checked I thought if I bought something, I "OWNED" it. And isnt possesion a supposed 9/10's of the US Laws ? so lets see I buy cd...I copy cd...I get rootkitted...drmed....virtually attacked via hackers and face possible persecution because I did what I wanted to what I owned ? No wonder I mod Playstations and turn them into something usefull, no wonder I helped work on mod chips for the first phase of xboxes.....anyone for some K&Y ? Seriously...I am done moaning or even thinkin they did me wrong. It has become my mission to take the shaft back out of my @$$ and stick it where it truly belongs.

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