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by Mike Masnick

But What If We Want To Control The Weather?

from the good-question dept

With all of these hurricanes, it seems that "controlling the weather" is suddenly a hot topic. A few weeks ago we wrote about historical attempts to control the weather (they weren't very successful). However, now, MSNBC is looking at new efforts to control the weather. The beginning of the article notes that right now the focus is (and should be) more on using technology to better predict and respond to natural disasters -- but there are some who are still looking into ways to have more control over the weather. Of course, many people fear that such things will set off a chain reaction of unintended consequences that will be anything but healthy. However, the supporters of weather control point out that we're already impacting the weather and climate with many of our activities -- and research into weather control might also help us to better understand the impact of other activities.

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    Jimi Spier, 1 Nov 2005 @ 10:37am

    There has to be a balance..

    This is the way that God, Mother Nature, Allah, or the Yeti controls the population of red necks in this country. Otherwise all those southern states would be overran with two headed flipper babies..

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    Andrew Strasser, 1 Nov 2005 @ 10:55am

    Weather control.

    There are many anomalies and there is hard evidence that we have technology much further advanced than anyone would make public. there are UN treaties against using this in times of combat. These are there because it is not that hard to build a satellite that can change the temperature of air slightly to move weather. This may seem insignificant, but if you go on the theory that the govt. is 50 yrs. ahead on their satellite studies than they've produced to the world. Then you could then by looking in the sky see that it shouldn't be very difficult to add a couple more. Though I am sure there are quite a few up there that do things you most liekly don't think about.

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    giafly, 1 Nov 2005 @ 10:57am

    Tackle Causes, not Symptoms

    Avoiding most so-called "natural disasters" is very simple - just plan ahead.
    1) Don't live in stupid places, like below sea level, on top of a mine, or right on the beach.
    2) In dangerous places, e.g. earthquake zones, enforce sensible building codes.
    3) Don't make weather-effects worse by cutting down forests or stopping flood plains from flooding.

    Weather is to be enjoyed, and if anyone tries to spoil it they'd better have very good insurance against lawsuits.

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      NonDeskript, 1 Nov 2005 @ 11:07am

      Re: Tackle Causes, not Symptoms

      WTF? Where do you NOT have bad weather in some form, be it tornados, flooding, earthquakes, blizzards, volcanos, drought, etc etc etc... Whereever that is, the cost of property must be through the roof...


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        Anonymous Coward, 1 Nov 2005 @ 12:20pm

        Re: Tackle Causes, not Symptoms

        All around the Great Lakes. The only severe weather we get is snow. Yeah, its cold here for 3-4 months of the year. And, yeah, we get a good bit of snow. But, blizzards are about the easiest of the major natural disasters to cope with. Just, make sure that your roof is solid and drainage is adequate for the run-off.
        Never been a substantial earthquake around here. Hurricanes and the like are meaningless here. The occaisional tornado runs near here. But, there is a reason why tornados never hit major cities. See the original post for some insights there.

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    John, 3 Feb 2010 @ 6:49am

    Climate Change

    I think the question and debate behind climate change and controlling the weather is interesting and is only at the beginning. The recent copenhagen meeting demonstrated the importance that both big business and the general public are putting on climate change

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