The Bigger Your Hard Drive, The Longer You Wait For Trial?

from the details-please...? dept

The Inquirer is a bit short on details on this story, so perhaps someone here can fill us in. They seem to be saying, however, that police in the UK are justifying holding suspects in computer crime cases in jail for a period of 90 days because it takes longer to go through a hard drive than a stack of papers. As the Inq notes, as hard drives get bigger, does that mean the pre-trial time in jail gets longer? Even worse, now that so much is moving to network based storage, where the whole damn internet may be your "hard drive," can they just hold you indefinitely while they read everything online?

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  1. identicon
    cycle003, 1 Nov 2005 @ 12:01pm

    Re: Automated tools (mojo's ignorant comment)

    Apparently you are either not very bright or just ignorant about computers and/or data storage. you are correct that methods exist for eliminating data from a hard drive, the most common of which is by repeated, thorough overwrites, and many utilities can be found for doing so. However, do you actually think that the data ‘magically disappears’ just because the platter is warped, can’t spin or is even broken into tiny pieces. Smashing a disk with a hammer will not destroy all of the magnetically stored data, which is written at the micron (and sub-micron) scale. Scanning and tunneling microscopy techniques have been employed to recover data from damaged or ‘erased’ hard drives. Below, I have provided a link to a paper to get you started on remedying your ignorance about this topic. Before you start calling people retarded, you should make sure you are not the one who sounds ignorant.

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