The Bigger Your Hard Drive, The Longer You Wait For Trial?

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The Inquirer is a bit short on details on this story, so perhaps someone here can fill us in. They seem to be saying, however, that police in the UK are justifying holding suspects in computer crime cases in jail for a period of 90 days because it takes longer to go through a hard drive than a stack of papers. As the Inq notes, as hard drives get bigger, does that mean the pre-trial time in jail gets longer? Even worse, now that so much is moving to network based storage, where the whole damn internet may be your "hard drive," can they just hold you indefinitely while they read everything online?

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  1. identicon
    Chris, 1 Nov 2005 @ 10:13am

    Automated tools

    There is alot more to Computer forensics than simply running google desktop.

    You do of course realize they can see the files you have deleted or at least portions of them and even if you take a hammer to your hard drive there is a good chance they will get back a good chunk of it...

    When you set up a trial and want to convict someone of a crime you don't look at thier desktop for a file that says "kiddie porn" there is a good chance the criminal has researched 6-12 ways to hide this from most people... The police need to determine what system the user used to keep the files hidden.. and then to crack it or restore the data... THEN search it.. THEN catalog it.

    Sometimes it's as simple as dropping to dos in a directory where the files are all named like CK1678.jpg which is the initials of a girl or photographer and then doing ren *.jpg to *.txt suddenly it drops out from "radar" because neither the name nore the suffix is suspect... now delete all those files and hit the HD with a hammer.... that's really going to make some computer forensics guy pissed off.. he will find it... but it will take a while.

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