by Mike Masnick

Would You Believe Copyright Extension Supporters Exaggerate?

from the shocker dept

I'm sure it will come as a shock to many, but all of those folks pushing for stricter intellectual property controls have apparently been exaggerating their arguments and making misleading statements to support their position. What? The same folks who call file sharing "theft" and "piracy," despite being told by the Supreme Court that it's not theft at all, would go out and exaggerate? Shocking. Tim Lee has now looked at some recent statements by those involved and noted that their current tactic is to make it look as though intellectual property is being eroded, when they've won almost every legal battle they've faced over the last decade. So, they're concocting stories and analogies that don't make any sense to push for stronger controls while making it look like they're just trying to "protect the status quo."

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