Oracle Dips Toe Into The Free Waters

from the how's-that-work dept

While Oracle has been making some moves to hurt mySQL, the open source database they still insist they don't compete with, it looks like they're being even more proactive in fighting off this non-competition. They're expected to offer a free, but limited, version of their database, as an alternative to various open source databases.

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    Brian Bartlett, 29 Oct 2005 @ 4:30am

    Wrong target

    Actually I don't see it targeted at MySQL at all although there may be some slight element to that. I see Microsoft with their upcoming [Nov 7th] release of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition firmly in their cross-hairs. Unlike MSDE, the stripped down version of SQL Server 2000, this beast is far more capable and hooking it up with the other Express Edition packages using LINQ is pretty much a no brainer which has to be making Oracle a bit nervous. Toss in multiple simultaneous data readers, true XML, Analysis Services with either relational or dimensional models, and Reporting Services, all for free and you have something that a workgroup or SMB developer can sink his/her teeth into. I've been poking and prodding it for a while now and it's rather nice.

    That IBM has dipped it toes in this water with a version for PHP/dB2 makes it all the more interesting from the individual or small team perspective. I foresee a lot of rather large downloads in my future although methinks Oracle hasn't got a prayer here. Thanks for the tip on IBM. I missed that one in the journals.

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    TK, 30 Oct 2005 @ 2:25pm

    No Subject Given

    I know I'm thrilled. A world without Oracle is a world without sunshine, lollipops, and puppies.

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