Key To Power On The Internet: Having An iPod

from the really? dept

iPod owners are "among the Internet's most influential users", some market research firm is claiming. Apparently iPod owners are more likely than the rest of the plebes on the internet to have blogged, sent a text message on their phone or downloaded videos. The hard-hitting study also says they're more likely to own DVRs, PDAs, laptops, cell phones and digital cameras, and probably have broadband. Hang on -- you mean early adopters are, uh, early adopters? Really? Don't wait much longer, folks, just two more months to get your entry in for the 2005 Obvious Awards. And the competition's looking pretty stout.

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  1. identicon
    Luke, 25 Oct 2005 @ 3:39pm


    If I own everything of the above expect an iPod.. what happens?

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