Putting Emails Into The "To:" Field Instead Of "Bcc:" Isn't A Technical Glitch

from the just-clarifying dept

It's one of the oldest mistakes in mass emailing. Marketers collect a bunch of email addresses and then send out a mass mailing about their product, but instead of (a) using some list software or (b) putting all the email addresses into the "bcc:" field, they put them in the "to:" or "cc:" field, exposing the whole list to everyone. It's happened thousands of times, and by now, anyone sending out a mass mailing should know enough to avoid it -- but it still happens. In the latest case, however, it's almost sad how the company tries to blame it on a "technical error" and then claim that email addresses are "secure" and have "not been used in an inappropriate manner." Of course, there was no "technical" error. There was the very, very human error of someone putting the addresses in the wrong box and/or not using a decent mailing list program. Hey, it happens, but to then hide behind the claim of a "technical error" is just sad. At the same time, they're wrong: the emails have been used in an inappropriate manner and there's no way for the company to claim that they're now secure, as 1,500 people now have the complete list and certainly could misuses it.

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  1. identicon
    Teilo, 25 Oct 2005 @ 2:26pm

    Use mailing lists instead

    With web-based control panels, it is now trivial for an end user to setup a mailing list right on the mail server. Why not put your marketing addresses there instead? That way it doesn't matter whether you put your addresses in the To, CC, or BCC.

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