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by Mike Masnick

Too Many Employers Scamming The H1-B Program?

from the not-a-good-sign dept

Generally speaking, the concept of the H1-B visa system is a good one. The US needs as many skilled technology workers as they can get, and the H1-B is designed to let skilled technology and science workers come and work for US companies for a period of six years. One of the big complaints by people who dislike the H1-B program is that it is used to bring in "cheap" labor. The response, of course, is that if it's used to bring in cheap labor, it's being misused. The terms of an H1-B are clear that the employer needs to be paying the prevailing wage rate for H1-B recipients. Of course, it shouldn't be a surprise that companies look to abuse the system, and a new study suggests that, in fact, many companies are abusing the system by paying H1-B holders much less than comparable jobs held by American citizens. Of course, those who hate the H1-B program will immediately use this as evidence as to why the program should be scrapped. However, that's the wrong response. First, they need to separate out the abuse of the program from the program itself. Even if abuse is widespread, that doesn't mean the concept is a bad one. However, more importantly, the same folks who seem to be so against the H1-B program also seem to be against offshoring. Yet, if US companies aren't bringing these skilled workers over to the US to help them here, guess what they'll be doing? You got it: they'll be working for even less money overseas. What should be encouraged is getting the best employees working on good projects to help the overall economy grow -- no matter what the nationality or location of the employees may be.

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  1. identicon
    TheIndianAgenda, 26 Oct 2005 @ 8:01am

    No More Indians

    At the rate it's going now in 50 to 100 years Indians("Asians" 80% Indians) will be the #1 minority in this country. When they do all come they're gonna own us all. Well look at every small business in the big cities now. Dunkin Donuts, Subway, gas stations.....all Indian owned. They come over on visas as doctors, nurses, dentists, tech workers, engineers......all big money occupations that maybe 1 of the 4 million working American people without healthcare could be trained or schooled to do. A lot are probably already qualified but don't come at the dirt cheap price that an H1b worker does so the won't get the job. And let's not fool ourselves or let these 1 per 100,00 cases of H1b's that get paid more fool us. They are here because they are far cheaper for big business to employ...period. With every other wave of immigration into this country the immigrants had to work their way up from the bottom. I guess I'm just jealous that a bunch a Indians just coming into this country are having it handed to them on a silver platter. We all should just stand at the damn airport and greet them off the plane from India....."hello, welcome the the U.S. here's a great paying job that an American got layed off from that you can have because the company can pay you a lot less....but it won't matter to you because you still will get more than the previous American worker got because you won't have to pay taxes for 7 YEARS and in your country you are a king if you 30,000 a year. That's right these people DO NOT pay taxes for 7 YEARS and they NEVER go back to India. The Indian population has grown from like 20,000 ten years ago to about 300,000 just around the Chicago metro area! Can you imagine having 7 tax free years to build your future? Why are we giving the American dream to Indians?
    I could give a flying $#!@ if these Indians are more educated than the workers they are replacing. They have over 1 billion people in their country and we are getting the best of the best coming over to take our jobs and open up businesses( some with government grant money!). Over 1 billion! If we took in the best of the best Chinese they'd all be better qualified than us too. China won't let them all come thank god. I don't give a rats $@# how educated they are. We don't have enough AMERICANS with middle and upper class jobs. 44 million working middle class without healthcare. Why the hell are we bringing these people over here to take these jobs?.....Big Business GREED. If it means a choice between a business staying here or moving to India, I say move it will fail there let's face it...or it would already be there. Big Business needs the Americans to clean up the H1B's mess. They are not as skilled. 80-90% of their so called "qualifications" are bogus info made up in India to be able to get the U.S. job. Why aren't all companies overseas? It's cheaper and those countries have more qualified labor. Because who's buying all the products in this world? We are!!
    Indians will own a significant portion of this country's businesses and be the #1 minority inside of 50 to 100 years at the current rate. I guarantee you this. Trust me we don't want this. They are here to rape us financially and send the money back to India where they have mansions with full waitstaff.
    If you wanna see an agenda open your eyes and pay attention. Pay close attention to the Indian agenda in this country going on right now. For whatever reason these people are coming and they will be the #1 minority in 50 to 100 years. You are being conditioned to accept this by the media. Pay close attention to commercials, movies, and TV. They are being worked into the Amercian consciousness. Those dark people in all those commercials aren't Hispanic, they're Indian. They aren't being cast as terrorists....they are being cast as good, funny, upstanding Americans. The Umpa Loompa in Charlie and the Chocolate factory was Indian. Anybody see the 40 year old Virgin? The girlfriend that the guy keeps talking about the whole movie long that was so awesome and hot. I got this vision of some totally hot little blonde. Well when the chick is finally shown it's this ugly Indian chick!? Totally ugly. She was completely unnecessary. As was the Indian workers in his Best Buy.....we needed those guys to be Indian? VH1 has an Indian hosting the Top 20 countdown ...I saw him kissing on Jennifer Love Hewitt. MTV probably has Indians strewn all about it too...I don't know I don't watch MTV.
    There has been an Indian in practically every new movie I've seen in the past year. The parts they have or the camera time they get is TOTALLY unnecessary for the movie's plot. They are there to condition us. They get parts that make them seem like you'd want these fine people in our country. Unlike Mexicans who the media conditions Americans to hate as a whole. Mexicans get cast as gang members or janitors. We're not in feel good movies like "Bend it like Beckham" or "Bride and Prejudice". You are not supposed to root for a Mexican, you are supposed to want them to go back to Mexico. Which by the way will never happen. The vigilantes you see that are supposedly trying to keep Mexicans out are really making it easier to get in. They trip the alarms that send the Immigration cops running to this spot...meanwhile Mexicans go through easily at this other spot. The vigilantes are a ruse. They will never stop letting Mexicans in...they need the workers. Have they ever laid off a McDonald's? H1B's kept their does in tech while Americans got laid off. Oh..and the American government needs the billions of dollars that illegals pay in taxes each year through phony SS#s. That's right I said billions. They have to make up for the 7 years tax free the Indians get when they come to this country. 7 YEARS!!!
    If you're really smart you can put the Mexican and Indian situations together and figure out what I believe is the endgame of the elite rulers of this country.
    *Thank you come again!*

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