Netflix's Download Plans Go To The Bottom Of Its Queue

from the sisyphus dept

Netflix says it's shelved indefinitely its plans for movie downloads because it was having trouble getting licensing agreements from movie studios -- which is exactly the problem we pointed out more than a year ago. Any new service that relies on convincing the entertainment industry that some new technology will help them make money rather than letting people "steal" their content faces an uphill battle. Wonder what's going on with the Netflix-TiVo movies-on-demand service?

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  1. identicon
    Casual Reader, 21 Oct 2005 @ 9:28am

    Re: No Subject Given

    I am always shocked at what some places charge for a dvd. I remember in 6 years ago it was on average only $15 for a new dvd and $22 for a special edition two disc set. Now the $22 is what it can cost for a regular no special featuers movie. I do all my dvd buying online now at becuase they are usually pretty competivley priced and offer free shipping.

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