by Mike Masnick

Techdirt InfoAdvisor In The News -- Solving InfoOverload 2.0

from the so-you-can-get-your-work-done dept

Earlier this week, we announced our new Techdirt InfoAdvisor service and platform and demoed it on-stage at BlogOn. It apparently went over well with the crowd. Now, the Associated Press has picked up on the story, noting how the offering helps employees focus on actually doing their jobs instead of spending all day reading up on what's happening. Too many solutions to get through all the news and information out there only add to the problem by giving people more to read. We're helping to really manage that problem by actually helping people cut out what's wasting their time, and making sure that the really important news and information gets seen and read quickly and in the context of why it's important to exactly what they're working on.

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