DVD Jon To Hack For Michael Robertson Now: Expect Many, Many Lawsuits

from the what-a-combo dept

Well, this ought to be fun to watch. If you put together a list of folks in the tech world who have a knack for attracting lawsuits, somewhere near the top of the list would be both "DVD Jon" Lech Johansen and Michael Robertson. DVD Jon is famous for reverse engineering plenty of forms of copy protection to free the content. Michael Robertson picks fights with big incumbents and appears to want to get sued as a marketing strategy (mp3.com against the music industry, Lindows/Linspire against Microsoft, Sipphone/Gizmo against the telcos). Anyway, can you just imagine the lawsuits that are going to fly now that Robertson has hired DVD Jon to hack for him? The product he'll be working on is something in the music space, and will involve reverse engineering stuff, which should surprise absolutely no one. The article notes that just having DVD Jon come to the US seems like a risk as there are plenty of companies here who wouldn't mind seeing him arrested.

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  1. identicon
    zcat, 29 Nov 2005 @ 10:30pm

    Re: Yes, this will be fun! Watch fgor it on Grokla

    I'm still waiting for Jon to sue Sony and/or f4i. Apparently there's a big chunk of his VLC fairplay code in the XCP rootkit..


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