by Mike Masnick

Steve Jobs Has Restored His Mouse Ears?

from the well,-look-at-that dept

Lost in the announcement of the new video iPod yesterday was the surprise at who Apple's first partner was on selling video content for the iPod. Steve Jobs and Disney, of course, have a very rocky past starting with Michael Eisner's anger over Apple's "Rip, Mix, Burn" marketing campaign, and followed up by contentious contract negotiations between Jobs and Disney concerning Pixar. However, yesterday, there was Michael Eisner's replacement, Robert Iger, and Jobs happily discussing the new video iPod and all the Disney content that would be available for it. This has some believing that a new Pixar-Disney deal is imminent. Of course, the other possibility is that, like with Motorola, Apple is setting up Disney to look bad... Update: Already Disney is facing its first set of problems over the deal. Apparently, no one thought to tell local ABC affiliates about the plans to offer the shows online and the affiliates are pissed, saying it will erode ratings and people won't watch on TV any more. That may or may not be true. After all, it will also help bring new people to the show, and keep those interested who missed an episode or two along the way.

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    Nadine, 14 Oct 2005 @ 12:12am

    NEWSFLASH. . .

    People won't watch TV anymore? OH NO!!! The sky is falling! :-/ What about the millions of people that have been making available or downloading "Lost", "DHW" and other shows? I am pretty sure it didn't happen yesterday. Broadcasters were already in a pinch with Tivo et al. They need to back off and come up with another model. I mean, did professional washhouses sue washing machine makers back in the day...?

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  • identicon
    princessfrozen, 14 Oct 2005 @ 6:15am

    No Subject Given

    see my comment to this post.

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