Telemarketers Can't Take The Hint

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Do Not Call lists have been one of the more popular governmental regulations in some time. Pretty much across the board, people don't like being bothered by telemarketers, so their whining about have to deal with state as well as federal rules tend to fall on deaf ears. That hasn't stopped them, though, from continuing their efforts to get state do not call rules invalidated, arguing only the federal government has the authority to regulate them. But this really isn't about the power of state versus federal government. That's a smokescreen trying to cover up the real issue: that states have closed many of the loopholes in the federal rules that allow companies to contact people, including the nebulous "existing relationship" exception. This is a pointless battle by telemarketers -- regardless of what's legal or illegal, most people don't want to be called with sales pitches, and getting laws changed won't change peoples' attitudes. Instead of looking at DNC lists as something that's destroying their business, telemarketers should see them for what they are -- prescreening for people that aren't receptive to their messages.

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    Tony K, 6 Oct 2005 @ 12:15pm


    The fact of the matter is that the consumer was not nearly as bothered by telemarketers as the owners of newspapers, magazines, television, and radio stations, and their heavily-lobbied, and well-paid congressional counterparts were. Tens of billions of dollars of products were sold by telemarketing and direct sales annually. Someone was buying those products, at a lower price than the same products marketed through conventional channels. Traditional media advertising was taking such a beating that THEY decided that people were being bothered too much at home, and launched a multimillion dollar camapign to tell them so, with the FCC, FTC, and congress firmly in their pocket. Just because the phone rings, doesn't mean you have to answer it. Don't be fooled. The designed result was to redirect advertising to mainstream media, due to the cutoff of direct marketing evenues, not the convenience of the consumer. When was the last time your congressman cared about you? Checked your utility bills and health care premiums lately?

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