Telemarketers Can't Take The Hint

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Do Not Call lists have been one of the more popular governmental regulations in some time. Pretty much across the board, people don't like being bothered by telemarketers, so their whining about have to deal with state as well as federal rules tend to fall on deaf ears. That hasn't stopped them, though, from continuing their efforts to get state do not call rules invalidated, arguing only the federal government has the authority to regulate them. But this really isn't about the power of state versus federal government. That's a smokescreen trying to cover up the real issue: that states have closed many of the loopholes in the federal rules that allow companies to contact people, including the nebulous "existing relationship" exception. This is a pointless battle by telemarketers -- regardless of what's legal or illegal, most people don't want to be called with sales pitches, and getting laws changed won't change peoples' attitudes. Instead of looking at DNC lists as something that's destroying their business, telemarketers should see them for what they are -- prescreening for people that aren't receptive to their messages.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 6 Oct 2005 @ 12:43pm

    Re: No Subject Given

    I've done that. Believe it or not, this moron stayed on the line for 95 minutes.

    I'm not kidding.

    I finally hung up, he called back...that call went like this:

    Me: Hello
    TM: Hi again, something must have happened, because you went away for like an hour and then the line went dead...anyway, were you interested in....?
    Me: Yes, I want a you take credit cards?
    TM: YES of COURSE...the number is?
    Me: 9..CLICK!

    Ring ring ring

    Me: Hello
    TM: We lost the line should check that..
    Me: I'm sorry, who are you?
    TM: I'm (whatever) and I was speaking to hum...(my name)
    Me: sorry, no one here by that name..CLICK!

    Ring ring ring.

    Yeah...I was passed the time (they were persistent, I ended up playing with about 3 different operators from that company)...I had a lot of fun for a few hours (yes, a few HOURS)

    Funny...since then, I've never received any more TM calls. Hmmm.

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