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  1. identicon
    googly_eyes, 23 Sep 2005 @ 1:59pm

    The price of being entertained

    And is it any wonder that "back in the day" our parents used to make up games, play outside(or go hiking, biking, fishing...), draw, paint, etc. and guess what - no DRM, no licensing fees, no ELUA's, no price gouging, no new hardware needed....

    My point is this - we are paying an ever increasing amount in dollars, and giving away an alarming amount of privacy - for what? To be entertained.

    The simple solution (unpopular as it may be) is to turn off the TV, and stop buying DVD's and music.

    If millions of people did that, the entertainment industry would be left scratching their heads (and probably blame piracy for their losses).

    Humanity wouldn't know what to do with itself...

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