by Mike Masnick

Mergers And Acquisitions Bankers Put Google On Speed Dial

from the just-checking-in... dept

Now that Google's got another $4 billion in cash, combined with the fact that it seems to be doing a little bit of everything, it appears that anyone selling a company these days feels the need to at least check in with Google to see if they're interested in buying. Of course, what the article leaves out is that Google has mostly avoided any M&A activity. In fact, all of the possible deals mentioned in the article were actually acquired by someone else (or not acquired at all). Almost all of Google's actual acquisitions have been very small companies, sometimes more for the people than the concept. It seems like, in most cases, Google believes it can build a better mousetrap itself, rather than buying one externally. However, the investment bankers see all that cash and assume that Google is going to do something with -- so they have to call. And, of course, since they hope that they can position any deal as being "strategic" more than just a revenue deal, they hope they can get Google to wildly overpay. Perhaps they should be looking down the street to another company instead.

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    clouser, 19 Sep 2005 @ 3:30pm

    Google Money

    Heave money into building an open source operating system and go head-to-head with Microsoft.

    That is the best thing they can do. And its coming I believe.

    Strategically, Google must.

    ..Actually, I have a better idea -- the BEST thing they could do is buy back stock, let Larry and Sergy sell their stock, and become the philanthropists that we desperately need in the World today. Between them this would mean upwards of $40 billion, 10X as much as Chuck Feeney endowed his Atlantic Philanthropies with when he cased out of Duty Free Shoppes.

    Together, Larry and Sergy could alleviate desperate poverty in all of Africa with such funding. (I believe current estimates are $35 million).

    This would be the ultimate Google move and truly back up its brand integrity, making it hard for critiques to second guess. And the great thing is, Larry and Sergy could both sock a $ billion each, and keep working for the company, doing what they love.

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