by Carlo Longino

Phone Photos Still Going Unprinted

Apparently things have changed significantly since last December, when it was reported that people really weren't printing out cameraphone photos, or at least that's what Fuji, a supplier of photo paper and other developing products, wants you to believe. In another survey with a small sample size, 45% of US cameraphone owners said "they have taken pictures with their camera phone that they wished they had printed". But instead of revealing some deep-seated need for photo printing that could be fulfilled by the company's products, the results are more a reflection of the bad cameras most people have in their phones, with poor image quality the most commonly cited reason for not printing. While companies spinning the results of surveys to meet their own ends is nothing new, Fuji's not getting the picture. Regardless of how wonderful its products are, people don't want to print out low quality images.

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