by Carlo Longino

Despite Spin, Mobile TV Still Isn't Popular

Back at the beginning of the month, the companies involved in a mobile TV trial in Finland tried their best to spin the results as positive, declaring the trial a success because 58% of the users said they believe mobile TV will be a success, rather than any meaningful metrics. Apparently all the companies think people have short memories, as they've put out another press release with some more poor numbers they've tried to spin. The release leads with the news that 41% of trial users would be willing to purchase mobile TV services. So the fact that less than half of the people that used it would be willing to pay for it in the future is a good thing? Then, somehow, half the users -- that's 9% more than would actually pay for mobile TV -- think 10 euros a month is a "reasonable price to pay". Uh, if it's so reasonable, why wouldn't that extra 9% want to pay it? It sounds like these companies didn't want to let the actual results of the trial get in the way of their preconceived conclusions.

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