Keylogger Users, Creator Indicted -- Details Missing

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These days, keyloggers are becoming more common along with sneaky trojans and other types of malware found on computers. So, it's interesting to note that the creator and some users of a keylogger system have been indicted. It would be nice if the news reports included some details, however. The keylogger in question, originally created for private detectives was later marketed as a way to spy on jealous lovers, and it came complete with a way to get it installed on someone's computer via an electronic greeting card. Obviously, using the technology to spy on unsuspecting adults is illegal, violating various wiretap laws. However, what isn't made entirely clear is under what laws the creator of the software has been indicted -- though, there are many options. He's been charged with 35 crimes, but they never say what those crimes are. Some may assume it's just because he created the software, but it's hardly illegal to create keyloggers -- there are some legal ones on the market for things like parents to track kids. However, the guy also used spam to market it, so he could be guilty of various anti-spam laws (though, he was shut down before CAN SPAM went into effect... so maybe not). It's also pretty clear that he marketed the software to people as a way to spy on people, which would put him on the wrong side of an inducement test -- but, again, the Supreme Court has only just agreed that that was a valid test for illegality. It's most likely, of course, that the guy made use of the keylogging software himself -- which would be the most obvious reason to indict him. However, without the details, it's not clear what crimes he's actually being charged with.

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  1. identicon
    jh, 30 Aug 2005 @ 3:15am

    a nit to pick

    "... a way to spy on jealous lovers ..." - I thought jealous lovers usually do the _spying_ rather than _being_spied_on_ :-)

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