Mobile Email Company's Survey Unsurprisingly Says People Want Mobile Email

from the wow-really dept

Digital Lifestyles takes to task a mobile email provider for releasing a vacuous survey as a publicity stunt. Unsurprisingly, the pointless questions the company asked people lead it to the conclusion that there's a huge market for its products and that everybody should go buy them right now. The site, which brought Vodafone's stupid survey about women's mobile phone use to our attention as well, highlights some of the stunning details: 88 percent of people check their email for messages from family and friends while they're on vacation, over half of UK consumers would feel out of touch without email for a week, and, most importantly, people would rather receive a message from an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend than their boss when they're not at work. The company behind the survey says all this means people want "an affordable service that is easy to use, works on their current phone, and can deliver messages from their current email account." That's opposed to an expensive, hard to use mobile email service that would require a new phone and email account? Shocking.

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