by Carlo Longino

Americans "Ready" For SMS Marketing

Though the mobile phone has been seen by marketers for quite some time as the ideal platform for their messages, though nobody has quite come up with the perfect solution. We've seen marketing via Bluetooth spam and marketing via SMS spam, as well as questions about the underlying effectiveness of mobile ads in general. With all this still up in the air, one mobile marketing firm says the time is right for companies to start using text messages for marketing. One interesting difference between this pitch and all the other similar ones we've seen, though, is that this company appears to have an understanding that advertising is content (and vice versa), something that's particularly important to keep in mind when pitching to mobiles. It highlights how companies need to view their mobile marketing as services, using the example of a movie theater sending out messages with movie listings -- something that provides a service to users, but also drives them to the theaters. Mobile devices are intensely personal, and sending useless, interruptive messages to them will damage a brand more than help it.

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