by Mike Masnick

Murdoch's Cheap Search Target Revealed?

from the blinkx-twice dept

Last week, there was lots of buzz over Rupert Murdoch's announcement that News Corp was close to buying a cheap search engine, leading us to point to similarities to efforts by big media companies in the past to "get the internet" via "me-too" acquisitions they never quite figured out how to use. The story coming out today, however, is that the target of Murdoch's money is Blinkx, the search tool that received a bunch of hype a year ago, when it launched a client-side contextual search tool. The tool hasn't really lived up to the early hype, but continues to add features. It is a different kind of search engine, so it would avoid the issue of buying "yet another search engine." Also, given Blinkx's recent focus on multimedia, it certainly could fit well with a strategy to tie it into other News Corp properties. So, perhaps it isn't as bad as you might expect. However, it still is going to take a lot to prove that a big media company really can learn how to effectively make use of an internet acquisition.

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    johno, 15 Aug 2005 @ 11:48am

    No Subject Given

    Blinkx is famous for Blinkx tv , it only started with the desktop stuff and for video and tv it leads the pack...gotta to be a natural choice ofr a mdeia company

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    Alaric, 15 Aug 2005 @ 12:41pm

    Right Wing Distorted Search Engine

    Murdoch is on the same level as the national enquirer. He will use search engines as another political proganda machine. Sad, very sad.

    If you look democrat on a murdoch search engine you'll come with results that smear democrats. Look up Hugo Chavez and you'll probably come up with comparisons between chavez and hitler.

    It would be best to keep newcorp off the internet and leave the internet to sources which are at least midly apolitical. Everything that guy touches turns into trash.

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    • identicon
      Alaric's a joke, 16 Aug 2005 @ 1:26pm

      Re: Right Wing Distorted Search Engine


      That may be the single dumbest post I have ever seen.

      Where are your facts to back up this assertion? If you look up Democrat on a Murdoch search engine--what you are likely to see is his second in command, Peter Chernin--a prominent D supporter. The man is as much of a business man as you are a fool.

      As for your last comment, what you are saying is that you would that what is currently the world's most pre-eminent free speech medium, the Internet, and stifle the voices that you do not want to hear or choose not to agree with. You, Alaric, are the First Amendment's flag-waiver, aren't you. Open your mind up, buddy.

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