College Football Coach Fears Fans With Phones

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University of Texas head football coach Mack Brown has asked fans visiting his team's open practices to leave their cell phones at home after "way too many" fans apparently took photos and video of a player limping off the field during a practice this week. According to the AP, "Brown is worried the pictures could hit the Internet before the coaches have a chance to tell players' families about injuries." It's hard to pinpoint exactly where the idiocy begins here. They're open practices -- anybody that wants to come in and watch, even scouts for opposing teams, can walk right in, and the whole thing's covered by the media anyway. It's also unclear exactly how cell phones are more dangerous than cameras, especially since any images from across a football field taken with a phone aren't likely to turn out real well. And there are plenty of Longhorn fans who'd wish that Brown was as concerned about beating archrival Oklahoma for the first time in 6 years as he is with cell phones. But finally, if he's so worried about notifying players' parents when they get injured, why don't he or his coaches get a phone of their own, and call them when it happens? Update: Well, that didn't take long. Brown's closed the team's remaining practices citing "the privacy of players and their families".

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  1. identicon
    spam, 12 Aug 2005 @ 3:55pm


    " The online report was published about 15 minutes after Shipley left the field. It was followed by reports on several other Longhorn-related Web sites.

    "A parent should never have to read on the Internet or hear through the media that their son has been hurt before we can even get off the practice field and call them," Brown said in the statement. "It's our responsibility to protect the privacy of our student-athletes with regard to injuries.

    "It's just not right for a report to be posted regarding an injury before we have the chance to determine the extent of it.""

    Now that camera phones are so common, and there are a bazillion bloggers on the planet, we have issues like this. Everyone wants to get the "big scoop." Everyone wants to be the one that breaks the story. He is absolutely right in this case - they didn't even have a chance to determine the extent of the injury and idiot wannabe 'journalists' were frantically posting photos of the 'big story.'

    is that always a bad thing? When they lack the facts, yes, it certainly can be.

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