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Alvarion Taking Their Sweet Time On Certification Testing

This one is a bit odd. After all the various delays and doubletalk, we noted a few months ago that WiMax certification testing was finally starting -- a major step towards actually getting WiMax equipment on the market. You would think that all of the various vendors would be in a rush to get in on the process... but you'd be wrong. Top WiMax supporter, Alvarion, who would be expected to be one of the leading equipment providers has apparently decided to sit this one out. Most of their competitors have sent in equipment, but Alvarion says it's not that important and they'll get around to it by the end of the year. They claim they're too busy doing installs of the non-WiMax equipment they offer now, but that makes little sense. It could certainly raise questions about just how close Alvarion's current equipment is to the WiMax specification -- which could make life more difficult for those who believe the equipment they're getting now is easily upgradeable to WiMax.

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