by Mike Masnick

MVNOs Can't Be Launched By A White Paper

How do you know when the MVNO market is getting too crowded? When a consulting firm announced that it has released a white paper on how to launch an MVNO. Obviously, the consulting firm in question is just trying to drum up some consulting business -- but the whole idea of a white paper on how to launch an MVNO seems a bit absurd. The world really doesn't need that many MVNOs, and the more brands that rush into the marketplace thinking that all it takes is a brand and whatever this white paper has to say, the more companies are going to realize that they never should have tried to become an MVNO in the first place. There are a few companies for which being an MVNO makes sense. Having the right target market and a brand that can easily be extended into the mobile space with real synergies to other brands makes the most sense. But there really isn't that much room. The mobile operator market in most places is already quite crowded, and just because some random brand launches their own phone service, it's probably not going to do much more than make people wonder why they want a phone from a company not at all known for its telecommunications knowledge.

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