by Mike Masnick

Is Silicon Valley Complacent?

from the depends-on-who-you-talk-to dept

John Hagel and John Seely Brown who recently wrote a book on this subject (so, keep in mind that part of this article is really just publicity for their book) have written a column suggesting that Silicon Valley has become "complacent," believing that "innovation is our birthright," and that no other place can out innovate the Valley. The two authors contend, of course, that entrepreneurs in places like India and China are feverishly working to out innovate us -- and therefore this complacency is a very dangerous trend. Of course, the whole "complacency" theory seems to be based on the anonymous quote from a single executive from a "large tech concern." While it's likely true that some are complacent, it hardly seems fair to assume that the complacency is widespread throughout the Valley. There are stupid executives everywhere... but there are also smart ones who recognize the value of innovating. That isn't to say that many of the suggestions made don't make sense. Recognizing that there's competition out there and that it's serious, hungry competition is important. But, it's a bit early to write off Silicon Valley as complacent just yet.

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    nonuser, 28 Jul 2005 @ 3:21am

    in other words, hire us as consultants

    Nobody's complacent about the threat from India and China. This article is pretty damn short when it comes to what we can do to avoid "complacency", other than the usual lecture about fixing the US education system.

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    dorpus, 28 Jul 2005 @ 6:24am

    Asia seems complacent to me

    When I talk to Asians in Asia, they refuse to believe that some day, their wages may be too high and their own jobs may get outsourced. Or that when they have caught up to America, they will run out of things to do and stagnate, as has happened to Japan. Their education systems still don't value critical thinking, challenging the accepted way of doing things.

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    spam, 28 Jul 2005 @ 1:07pm

    It's the legal atmosphere.

    Overzealous "Intellectual Property" lawyers are harming research & development. Patent lawyers, IP lawyers, copyright lawyers..

    India & China don't have the huge legal cloud hanging over them that the Valley does.

    Less lawyers & legislation = more R&D.

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