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by Mike Masnick

Microsoft Patenting The Great American Pastime

from the how-exciting dept

theodp writes "Identifying when baseball is exciting is among the latest patents sought by Microsoft, according to documents released Thursday. Perhaps the USPTO Commissioner's time would be better spent lecturing advocate-for-quality-patents Microsoft instead of innocent 8 year-old summer campers."

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    Jeff, 25 Jul 2005 @ 8:05am

    MLB, welcome to doing business with Microsoft!

    Last year, Major League Baseball had a nasty split with Real Media and switched all their online audio and video over to Microsoft. It looks like Microsoft is making sure that MLB doesn't drop them in the future. Welcome to vendor lock-in, MLB!

    Maybe if the commissioner of MLB were alive, this wouldn't happen.

    Lets see. Baseball highlights have been around as long as baseball. But I guess its worthy of being patented as long as its on a computer.

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