by Carlo Longino

Sony Beating The iPod... In Japan... Sort Of

from the close-only-counts-in-horseshoes-and-hand-grenades dept

A report out of Japan says momentum is shifting towards Sony in Japan's MP3 player market. But reading a little closer shows that Sony's flash memory models are the ones selling well, while hard drive models continue to falter against iPods. Sony's share of flash-based players jumped from 4 percent in March to 27 percent in May and June, while the iPod shuffle took less than 20 percent of the market, mainly on the back of a player with a 50-hour battery life. Analysts point to the lack of an iTunes Music Store for Japan as a key differentiator for Sony, but the unmitigated failure of Sony's Connect store in the US and Europe makes that a little hard to believe. In any case, Apple's expected to open iTunes Japan next month, and Apple's results, released yesterday, still show strong iPod sales growth.

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  • identicon
    dorpus, 14 Jul 2005 @ 10:39am

    The Fad of No Fads

    Whatever their fashion is, Japanese will passionately embrace it, then discard it the next year. A couple of years ago, everybody and their newborn babies had to have bleached hair, now nobody does. Techno music, "body conscious" fashions, whatever it is, people will believe in it fanatically for a few months, then erase it from their memory.

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  • identicon
    8dee, 14 Jul 2005 @ 7:47pm

    I believe that they are here to stay

    As long as sony keep on comming with new models and stay up with trend, they will be able to build their name up the mp3 line

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