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by Mike Masnick

Is Canada About To Outlaw Google And The Internet Archive?

from the not-a-good-day-for-the-archive... dept

Quite a day for the Internet Archive. First it gets sued for letting lawyers access some websites that a company wished had disappeared for good, and now it turns out that Canada may be outlawing the Internet Archive, as well as Google's cache feature. The details aren't entirely clear, but that's because the bill as currently presented isn't entirely clear, either. It's worded in a vague way that could certainly be read to suggest that Google and the Internet Archive are violating copyright law by caching or saving internet content that was created by others.

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    Mousky, 13 Jul 2005 @ 6:03am

    Blown out of proportion

    Another example of the media, this time the Globe and Mail, blowing something out of proportion based on the opinion of one person. I am surprised that Mr. Kapica did not interview someone with an opposing view to provide some balance. Then again, the media cares little about balance these days.

    Michael Geist discussed this in his blog on June 21. He has a much better understanding of Bill C-60 and discusses Section 40.3 in greater detail. Bill C-60 does not make Google or other internet search and archiving engines illegal, it merely complicates things, in that, as Mr. Geist suggests, wrongful claims could be filed at will, with no recourse (other than going to court I suppose) for search engines such as Google. Sorry, but the Globe and Mail got this one wrong.

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