Equifax Says It's Un-American For People To Know What Equifax Knows About Them

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It's tough to figure out where to start on the various comments from Equifax boss Thomas Chapman, who claims that the new law requiring the big credit companies to let people see what data has been collected on them for free at least once a year "unconstitutional and un-American." His argument is that it "cuts into the profits" of his company. First of all, cutting into someone's profits isn't unconstitutional or un-American by itself. Second, they're not asking him to "give away" some random product, but to let anyone check the info that his company has collected on that person to make sure it's accurate. Considering just how much depends on these companies reporting data accurately, that seems like the least they should be required to do. In fact, they should want to encourage that as it means they would have more accurate data. Besides, part of the problem is really that many people don't realize just how much data these companies have on them, and how much of it is just wrong. Besides, given the various sneaky upsells, it certainly looks like the big credit companies are actually increasing their profits by convincing people that they actually do have to pay for these "free" reports. The article also gets amusing towards the end where Chapman puts his foot in his mouth big-time by basically saying they've had a bunch of data breaches which haven't been announced, and then trying to pretend he never admitted that, first by saying: "I don't think you've seen our name in the news," then by refusing to answer more pointed questions on the issue with: "I'm not going to go there. I'm not going to answer that question. We have been notifying and engaging in communication with customers, consumers, for a long time. We're known for that. We're known for our stand on privacy." Yup. Your stand on privacy is apparently that you don't believe in anyone's ability to check on their own private data to make sure it's accurate -- unless they first pay you.

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  1. identicon
    Keebler, 16 Feb 2009 @ 8:13pm

    Litigate Against Equifax

    I find it unbelieveable!!! Over the course of the past week I have encountered what I feel to be incredible offenses against American citizens. Equifax poses a most eggregious and arrogant posture. There are 2 records affecting my credit. They were placed in error!! PLACED TO THE CREDIT BUREAU'S IN ERROR! Equifax is trying to charge me to correct these errors!! The other 2 bureau's have already helped expedite and fix the problem but Equifax is insisting that I pay them to fix it!! What?!!!! What?!!! Outrageous! Equifax remains impossible to reach- I have no recourse! This is what you have to thank those rotten Rupubicans for!! They deregulated everything and cause an American financial collapse. Now these rotten credit bureaus are running rampant with our personal information which makes or breaks our livlihoods and they want to charge us to correct their own errors!! What?!!! These Republican companies are Nazi's, Nazi's pure and simple! I'm outraged!!! You should be outraged as well!! If you're not; your stupid!!

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