by Mike Masnick

Ellison Hires Former Microsoft CFO In His Quest For Microsoft Domination

from the who-better-than...? dept

Oracle's Larry Ellison makes no secret of the fact that he wants Oracle to be bigger than Microsoft (and, that he wants to be richer than Bill Gates...), so it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that the latest top exec he's bringing in to his inner council is Microsoft's former CFO and dealmaker, Greg Maffei. Of course, over the years, Oracle has had a rotating cast of Presidents (Maffei makes for the third co-existing President right now) and "right hand" people to Larry Ellison. Eventually they seem to have enough of the job and bolt -- some faster than others. Given Maffei's history as a dealmaker, it certainly seems to bolster the claim that Oracle is on the prowl for more acquisitions. It seems like the business pages could use another hostile takeover battle in the tech industry to liven things up a bit these days. Perhaps they won't have to wait long.

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