by Mike Masnick

Verizon Wireless Closing The Gap With Cingular

When Cingular closed the deal to buy AT&T Wireless, they immediately became the largest US mobile operator. However, many suspected that Verizon (which was growing much faster) would quickly catch them, especially as Cingular went through the hassle of integrating the two companies, causing many users to jump ship. Well, it appears that may be exactly what's happening. Cingular has been hitting all of the expected stumbling blocks linking up the two different networks and Verizon Wireless continues to plow ahead, picking up customers and closing the gap with Cingular. Cingular, beyond technical problems, is being hurt by their "strategic" move to charge former AT&T Wireless customers an $18 "migration fee" which is angering lots of customers who want to upgrade to new phones, but don't see why they need to pay this fee to the company when they're already a customer of the company.

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    Robin, 22 Jun 2005 @ 2:58am

    Cingular charging for switching over to new go pho

    Cingular has decided that I need a new go phone. I can get one "free" after I pay $59.99. I get a $30 instant rebate and then I have to mail in a rebate card to receive the other #30. The Sony Ericsson Z300a phone is nothing compared to my current phone. My phone has a camera, recorder, flashlight and a radio. The Sony phone has zip. Nothing. Nada. If they want me to switch phones, shouldn't they at least exchange my phone for the same quality of phone with the same features? Seems to me this is extortion. If I do not switch before September 30, they will turn off my service. I'm pretty sure I'll be switching to Verizon. I guess after 3 years with Cingular, they no longer want my business.

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