by Mike Masnick

Cookies Are Yummy, Say Marketers

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There was a study a few months back saying that a lot of people were regularly deleting their web cookies -- which freaked out a lot of marketers, insisting it couldn't be true. However, a second study later backed it up. So now, as Broadband Reports points out, marketers are trying to convince everyone that marketers are good for you. That's at least a better response that forcibly undeleting deleted cookies. To some extent, though, the marketers are right. Cookies do have a much worse reputation than they deserve -- and a good part of that is because of overzealous anti-spyware apps that name perfectly legitimate marketing cookies as spyware. So, a reasonable marketing campaign might make sense. Already, most legislation looking at spyware has been smart enough to not include cookies, but marketers are justifiably worried that if cookies continues to have such a negative reputation, it could create problems.

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    thatguy, 20 Jun 2005 @ 10:36am


    I think the bottom line is that cookies invade your privacy, period. Other websites or anyone with access to your computer can see what you've been looking up and doing and that is an invasion of privacy. This is still true even if the cookies are supposed to be doing good. This is why so many people want to delete their cookies.

    There are many other 'unfair' practices that come with using cookie technology. One of which is the LEGAL practice of altering the price of items for the people whom the websites have collected data on.

    I personally have a huge problem with paying more for an item because the company I'm buying it from knows that I probably want it so badly.

    The trust goes right out the window...

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