by Mike Masnick

BellSouth Says They'll Offer (Sorta) WiMax To The Home

from the wait-and-see... dept

Over the last few months, it seemed that more companies were coming to the realization that WiMax technology, for all the hype would make for decent backhaul technology, but was unlikely to be a real threat to cable and DSL in the short-term. However, WiMax number one fan Intel, keeps saying that WiMax is perfectly positioned to compete with DSL and cable, and they finally found a guinea pig willing to test it out for them. BellSouth has announced that it will be offering WiMax to the home service using Navini equipment. Initially it will just be offered in Athens, Georgia, with a few more cities in Florida added by the end of the year. There are several things about this announcement... First, WiMax equipment still doesn't exist, so despite the announcement, BellSouth isn't really offering WiMax. They're offering proprietary equipment that they hope will be WiMax when the certification process happens, but which may require updating. Second, they don't announce pricing at all, but they do say that the offering will be focused on college kids who will be more willing to try out the new service (and, they hope, more willing to accept any problems it has). Part of the plan is to let college kids suspend service while they're home in the summer time, and be able to start it up again when they come back in the fall. Finally, of course, despite the fact that this is "wireless" it's fixed wireless technology, so it's not as if the kids using this will be able to plop a WiMax card in their laptop and surf from anywhere. Instead, it will be just like any other fixed wireless solution from the past decade or so, where a box is stuck to the side of the house, and there will be a modem (and most likely a WiFi access point) inside the house.

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    alaric, 7 Jun 2005 @ 10:16am

    TD-SCMA not WiMAX

    i know the headline suggests bellsouth is not trying wimax with the (sorta) but i think its worse than that.

    Bellsouth's trial of navini (and i think they already had a tech trial a while ago) suggests that bellsouth is convinced that WiMAX is not the way to go. It suggests that they place strong value on the potential for mobility or portability which wimax lacks and it suggests they are not willing to wait until "someday" when wimax supports portability and/or mobility well.

    It suggests that WiMAX (and people want mobile wimax 802.16 2004) is too late.

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    Cly White, 31 Mar 2007 @ 6:37pm


    There are a few compinies offering a Wimax internet service in my area. THe cost is so high that i would rather keep paying for overpriced and much slower ISDN. If BS can put wimax in the Cleveland County NC area Im sure they will see just how much of a calling there is for it. Most of the county can not get any broadband internet except satallite which is really bad. So if you want to install it at my home i will gladly test it for you. I use a local wimax hotspot about 2 miles from my home and its really fast and stable. However the company that offers the service is rather bad. Check the BBB for "Dove Lane Inc." they have many bad reports aginst them and over 35 local law suites for not completing the installs and failing to refund money. So BS Please help out NC and gey us fome fast isp.

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