by Mike Masnick

Keeping Kids Fashionable Is Expensive, Thanks To Gadget Envy

from the gotta-have-it-now dept

Gadgets-as-fashion accessories is not a new idea, but the fact that it's reached teenagers means that parents are being overwhelmed by the "nag factor" to purchase expensive gadgets for their teens. It wasn't that long ago that the nagging focused on clothing. However, these days, mobile phones and iPods (not any other music player, apparently) are "part of the uniform" for kids -- and they're whining until they get them. Parents are having trouble saying no (kids can be pretty persuasive), and so more and more kids are equipped with these two "essentials" -- though, very few are buying them themselves. Still, as the article points out at the end, for parents able to resist the pressure: "Your child will truly survive."

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  • identicon
    Chomper, 31 May 2005 @ 9:24am

    No Subject Given

    Watching the Nanny is very telling about American parenting today.

    I don't get what is so hard about saying no. Are parents just that weak, wimpy, or dare I say it, gullible to stand up?

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    • identicon
      thecaptain, 1 Jun 2005 @ 5:14am

      Re: No Subject Given

      Chomper, a little tiny hint....

      "reality TV" usually ISN'T.

      while I do think that the state of parenting today is sadly diminished...using "The Nanny" as examples is the same as using "Survivor" to learn about surviving in the outdoors.

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