Say That Again

by Brett

TV Network Execs Defend Broadcast Flag In The Name Of Inconvenience

from the control-issues dept

We've long contended that the entertainment industry just doesn't get it when it comes to new technology. But don't take our word for it -- take theirs. Ed Felten recounts an article about a recent panel discussion, in which News Corp. VP Rick Lane actually said, responding to concerns that a broadcast flag would lead to incompatibility among TVs and other digital devices, "Compatibility is not a goal." Translation: "We are so ossified and resistant to change that we'd rather inconvenience, alienate, and anger consumers and stifle technological innovation than give up some control over our content and figure out new ways to grow our business." The industry is so hell bent on keeping content locked up behind proprietary walls that it can't grasp the idea that open and compatible is good for progress (e.g., the internet). Attempts to keep the content and media proprietary are just asking for trouble. As Felten points out, you don't want to put yourself between Americans and their televisions. Amazingly, the most egregious violations of this premise are being made by television networks.

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    TJ, 24 May 2005 @ 7:40pm

    An attention getter finally?

    On the bright side, if congress is dumb enough to get between many millions of Joe/Jane Americans and their television, it should finally get the attention of people who are normally indifferent to what congress does. If it served as a catalyst for a shakeup in Washington politics as usual, that just might be worth it.

    Having watched "The Corporation" recently, it seems it is going to require something very dear to the American people being taken away to get us to rise up against the corporate ruling class of the last few decades.

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    • identicon
      me, 25 May 2005 @ 7:30am

      Re: An attention getter finally?

      to rise up against the corporate ruling class
      Ah yes, kill the oppressors!! How dare they give me easy access to their goods which better my life. The horror!! They're ruling over me because...uhmmm...they're offering me stuff that makes life easier/more fun...and uhmm...that's BAD!! I know this is true because some commie made a movie crapping on them...wait..with corporate made technology!!GASP!! And marketed it!! GASP!! For PROFIT??! GASP!! He must be in on it...damn they're everywhere!!'re nuts

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      • identicon
        TJ, 25 May 2005 @ 10:58am

        Re: An attention getter finally?

        I've got no problems with companies providing goods and services and even making a profit on them. But the idea that enormous corporations have much more influence over lawmakers and the law than the people, that's what seems nuts to me. But go ahead and welcome the new corporate overlords if you like.

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  • identicon
    thecaptain, 25 May 2005 @ 5:07am

    No Subject Given

    You seem to imply that TV execs "don't get it" or are "ossified".

    You are simply and totally wrong, and that's something people MUST start to realize.

    These people aren't dinosaurs and they AREN'T stupid or "out of touch". They simply do NOT have the same goals as we do.

    Their goal is to line their pockets, they not only do NOT care about 10-20 years down the road (because by then they will retire rich) and they know the most important thing:

    The public won't do ANYTHING about it as long as its gradual and not outrageous.

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