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DoCoMo Confirms HSDPA Delay

Back in March, we noted reports that DoCoMo was delaying HSDPA due to technology problems. The carrier has now admitted delaying HSDPA, but says it's for different reasons. They're claiming that there's just not enough in the way of compelling applications or content to launch HSDPA. It sounds like they may have learned a lesson from their FOMA 3G launch, which was seen as being a bit ahead of its time -- with bulky, ugly phones which no one saw the benefit of. As Carlo Longino points out in his article about this, with a computer data card connection you can sell speedy connections. With a handset data connection, the speed alone isn't that compelling. There needs to be a better reason to use that speedy connection. It looks like DoCoMo is hoping someone comes up with that reason (and cooler HSDPA phones) before they're going to make a big push on the tech.

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