by Dennis Yang

Forbes Online Revenue Set Surpass Print Revenue

from the the-digital-shift dept

The battle over print vs. online publication continues, but it appears that some well known publications are finally realizing just how important online is becoming. Paidcontent discovered this gem buried in an article about the affect of blogs on b2b publishers: revenue is set to surpass print revenue "probably in about 18 to 20 months." We've been seeing more and more indicators of the decline of print, and the shift to digital distribution could happen even more quickly for smaller niche publications where the business case is often much stronger. Others are pointing out that the margins online are much better than in print, which does make sense -- but it's still not clear how publications that are both online and in print split out the expenses associated with producing the content. Is the cost of a writer only applied to print, online or split between both? These are the types of questions that any news publication is going to be challenged with figuring out over the next few years. The ones that will be in trouble are the ones that aren't even thinking about the questions yet.

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