by Mike Masnick

Band Threatens To Ditch Label, Release Songs Online -- But It's All A Ploy

from the negotiating-tactic dept

While it may sound like top rockers Linkin Park have "seen the light" concerning how the recording industry should work, it's much more likely that they're just putting on a bit of a show as a negotiating tactic. The band is getting a ton of press for claiming it wants to walk out on its contract with Warner Music and will release songs on the internet instead, while making money by increasing its "reliance upon touring, merchandise and endorsements". This might just sound something like some people have suggesting is the future for recording artists -- but, honestly, the details suggest this is all a negotiating ploy by the band to get more money out of Warner. If anything, it sounds like a very typical dispute between a successful band and its record label, after the band discovers just how badly the label screwed them over with their initial contract, and decides it wants more. All of the other stuff that Linkin Park is claiming about Warner's IPO, and how none of that money is going to the artists seems like they're just trying to work up fans into a frenzy rather than look at the actual issues. Unless the band had worked into their contract that they got equity in the firm (not likely), there's simply no reason they should be demanding a cut of the IPO. So, don't expect Linkin Park to suddenly run out and embrace the internet as a way to build a new business model. This is all just posturing for the sake of contract negotiations.

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    MrPeach, 4 May 2005 @ 10:28am

    Nice one sided news review dude

    WB claims it's a ploy, as well as two 'unnamed' sources, who are very likely WB employees.

    The groups states something else, and whose flag do you wave? Why WBs of course, because I guess you think Likin Park is lying and WB is being completely reasonable.

    I do not agree. This is neither news analysis nor insight, merely taking sides. You should be embarassed by this poor piece of "journalism."

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    • icon
      Mike (profile), 4 May 2005 @ 10:33am

      Re: Nice one sided news review dude

      Man. That has to be a first. I don't think I've ever been accused of being a record label shill... ever.

      I stand by the points made in this post. If Linkin Park were really serious about embracing the internet and advancing a new business model, then why are they negotiating for a better deal, and why are they complaining about the IPO, which has nothing to do with this?

      Yeah, the record companies are being sleazy. That's what they do. However, to say that this is some great revelation on the part of the band, is silly. It's all about getting a better deal on an already negotiated contract.

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    Joe Baderderm, 4 May 2005 @ 10:46am

    New band name?

    One must also wonder if they will soon be calling themselves "The Artists formerly known as Linkin Park"?

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    Precision Blogger, 4 May 2005 @ 12:44pm

    A ploy? But WHAT a ploy!

    What if this negotiating ploy gets better and better over time? Where would that leave Time Warner?

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  • identicon
    bob, 11 May 2005 @ 1:10pm

    paid "far less"

    Actually, you're way off base on the point that these folks do NOT get paid "far less".

    Not sure how many programmer types from India you have as friends, but even back in 2000, I was getting paid TWICE what a close drinking friend was getting paid. Guess what? He is still working for that company, while I got laid off.

    More recently, I know that several Indian programmers have been putting in 16 hour days, in order to write enough "lines of code" per day, so that they could keep their job. Without enough lines, they are let go, can't move to another company, and get screwed.

    While these two examples certainly are not 100% of the cases, it is a LARGE percentage.

    Once these folks are here, they do not want to go back, and will do anything to stay, including accepting lower pay levels.

    Not sure what ivory tower you were in when you wrote this piece, as you usually have a clue, but this time you have NO clue.

    Oh, and don't ask to get names. I tried back in 2000 to get the guy to ask for a raise. We even argued over the point for two hours. He refused to ask for a raise, and certainly would not his name published! To make the point again, he still has his job, and I got "moved" on.

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