Do You Need To Switch Providers To Benefit From Number Portability?

from the define-benefit dept

With all the hype that went into offering up local number portability for mobile phones (letting people transfer their phone numbers to different carriers), it turns out that not many enterprise providers are switching. This isn't surprising for many of the points listed in the article. Many companies with mobile phone plans have long term contracts, and local number portability or not, those are difficult to break. Also, there's substantial upheaval involved in switching, and those switching costs just aren't worth it for many. The number portability is just one small aspect of it. However, the claim (made by the headline of the article) that few are "benefiting" from from number portability might be inaccurate. You don't have to switch to benefit. The various network operators have been doing plenty to improve service thanks to number portability, and offering better deals to get customers to stick around. So, it's a bit misleading to suggest you need to switch to actually benefit from number portability being around.

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