by Mike Masnick

Verizon Killing Successful WiFi Program

from the that's-odd... dept

Mixed in with various announcements from Verizon today was the little noticed news that they're going to phase out their WiFi offering in New York City in favor of increasing the 3G EV-DO wireless broadband offering from Verizon Wireless. This doesn't make very much sense at all. The two services don't really compete. The WiFi was offered free to subscribers of Verizon DSL as a way to take that connection around the city with them -- and it had been described as a success in that it reduced churn more than enough to pay for the program. EV-DO is a useful offering, but it still costs quite a bit, and isn't suitable as a DSL replacement. It sounds like the decision to do this was done from the incorrect belief that WiFi somehow competes with EV-DO when it really doesn't in most cases.

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  1. identicon
    Permanent4, 28 Apr 2005 @ 10:30am


    You forget the motivation for things like Wi-Fi, it's free. EV-DO, even if it THEORETICALLY better stills cost a bundle more.

    Actually you just proved my point, which is that EVDO is Verizon's primary motivation for trying to stifle muni Wi-Fi projects. After all, if there's free/cheap Wi-Fi in the air, people won't be so inclined to pay Verizon so much for EVDO.

    Verizon is being greedy as usual.

    What else is new? Ben & Jerry are not walking through that door, y'know...

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