by Mike Masnick

AOL Actually Drops Prices

from the shocking dept

It's only taken a few years for AOL to realize that their high prices haven't helped to keep their customers who are fleeing by the million. When DSL prices keep dropping to the point that they often appear to be cheaper than AOL dialup, it's a pretty tough selling proposition for AOL no matter what else they offer. So, after losing all of these users and trying a variety of bad business model ideas, AOL is finally trying to lower their prices down to the level that most of their competitors were offering years ago, and which no longer seem particularly competitive, but which may convince some users to stick around for a few more months.

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    Dan Semaya, 25 Apr 2005 @ 8:39am

    How to change?

    So how does a current AOL member actually change to this $10 plan?

    I have been on the BYOA plan for almost 10 years now. They raised the price to $15 a while back, and for a brief period of time someone at AOL was nice enough to lower our pricing to $10 but it magically seems to have jumped back up to $15.

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