by Mike Masnick

Verizon Finally Goes Naked

from the what-a-concept dept

Despite promising it ages ago and then delaying it repeatedly for reasons that didn't really make much sense, it looks like Verizon is finally offering "naked DSL" in the northeast. That means customers will be able to get DSL without getting the corresponding local telephone line. Gee, you think this has anything to do with Verizon finally getting around to offering a real VoIP service to go with that DSL? While there was a big ruckus over the FCC saying states can't require naked DSL, it's reasonable to expect both SBC and BellSouth to eventually jump on the naked DSL bandwagon when they have real VoIP offerings as well. For SBC, that may be when they close the deal to buy AT&T. For BellSouth... who knows. Considering they were really the first major telco to experiment with VoIP they certainly are taking their sweet time offering it for real. Of course, you have to wonder what Verizon's CEO is going to have to say about this offering, considering he seems to think that customers who actually want decent, reasonable service are a problem.

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    Fazookus, 19 Apr 2005 @ 7:03am

    Naked DSL

    Just called Verizon about unbundling my DSL and local service in NY City and... they never heard of such a thing. I was told that you can't have DSL without local service.

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