by Mike Masnick

Do You Need A Spare For Your Gadgets?

from the just-in-case... dept

Stories about how people live via their mobile phones (without backing the data up) and would face serious consequences for losing them are nothing new. While this USA Today piece covers much of the same ground, it includes the story of one guy who actually carries around spare gadgets for the situations in which he loses his gadgets. Having had a laptop hard-drive die three days into a 10-day business trip last year, the idea of toting around a spare laptop whenever I travel sometimes seems appealing (though, I've resisted). Still, will we reach a stage where our gadget bags will need to double in size, just in case our gadgets get lost, stolen or broken? Then again, as the end of the article points out, sometimes letting go of these gadgets can be quite a relief. It's likely that plenty of others would agree.

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    Jorgen, 29 Mar 2005 @ 5:25am

    No Subject Given

    I would store my presentation and other necessary data on a gmail account so I if the worst should happen could borrow / buy a computer.

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    Jared, 29 Mar 2005 @ 9:08am

    Should employees be reprimanded?

    I mean, when you think about it, an employee that doesn't backup their data isn't being efficient and isn't following good business practices. If they lose their data, and they don't have a single backup anywhere, then they're stuck and it's their problem. If they need to recover their data as soon as possible just minutes before a crucial meeting, I say, "Too bad, you didn't have any backups, you aren't getting anything recovered immediately."

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