by Mike Masnick

Naked Women And Wireless Security

from the illegal-search? dept

Yes, I'm a bit worried about what kind of people will find this post via Google in a few days, but... It appears that mobile phone security is suddenly getting a lot more attention -- and for some reason, it's got a lot to do with naked women. First, there was the whole Paris Hilton incident, where her naked camera phone photos were spread all over the internet due to weak server security from Danger and T-Mobile, and now comes the amazingly bizarre story of two cops who arrested a woman for drunk driving and then downloaded her naked camera phone photos to a PDA. No one seems to want to explain why a drunk driving arrest would involve checking out the photos on someone's phone. Then again, this case has a number of oddities, including the fact that the cop's partner later called the woman to ask her for a date. However, as the article points out, the cops might not have done anything illegal -- and someone even claims that this is no different than if someone had lost their wallet and it had nude photos inside. Except that doesn't seem quite right. This wasn't a case where the woman lost her phone. This was a situation where the cop clearly took it and then actively went through it, apparently looking for photos. That seems to go beyond the standard investigative technique needed to judge whether or not a driver is sober. Either way, it appears that pictures of naked women are suddenly driving forward the important discussion on increasing wireless security. People always said that porn leads the way towards technology innovation, but they probably didn't mean this way.

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